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Get more for your money using a quality local supplier.

We all go the the big box stores for hardware and lumber and home supplies.  But are we getting the best products, service and price? In many cases, you are not.  In our case, let’s consider carpet and flooring. Florz Flooring in Swedesboro, New Jersey is a preferred vendor for most of the best quality flooring manufacturers.  This especially includes Mohawk.

When you go to the big box stores, you are choosing from products which are a lower grade than what we offer for the same cost.

In addition, when you visit our showroom, you are speaking with flooring experts who have been in the business for decades.  You are not getting advice from someone from the plumbing aisle who you grabbed on the way by. We having nothing against these fine people, but you need an experienced flooring professional who can answer your questions.  Also you want to ensure you select a product and application, which best suits your need – not just what is on clearance!

Another benefit of choosing Florz Flooring is that you are getting our contractors and installers. When you buy from the big box stores, you are getting an installer who may not have the experience that our in house staff possesses. Florz Flooring has a strict standard and requires many years of experience when we hire installers and their assistants.

Special Financing & Promotions on Flooring Installation

Another benefit of working with Florz flooring is our associates are not on commission. So rest assured I you are given advice, which both suits your needs – not those of a sales person.  In addition, we are offering free 18 month financing through January 31, 2018! You need only to have the job booked before the new year to take advantage of this offer. We are also still offering a free padding upgrade when you purchase Mohawk Smart Strand Carpeting!

So support your local flooring professionals- Florz Flooring of Swedesboro NJ! Better service, selection, quality and installation!  

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