Love Your Floors This Valentine’s Day!

Memories Made!!

Valentine’s Day is the one day we can ALL celebrate so make sure you love the people in your life AND love your floors! We are celebrating LOVE! So why not invest in that, which you love almost as much as your Family? That is… Your home!

Right now Florz Flooring is offering 18-months Interest Free Financing on Mohawk ColorMax Flooring. That is awesome!

When it comes to purchasing carpet, it’s no secret that consumers love color. In fact, it’s the number three feature that shoppers look for when considering a carpet purchase. That’s why Mohawk developed ColorMax. With ColorMax, you can tap into the emotional color in your home and create more colorful moments on Mohawk carpet.

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Match Your Flooring to your lifestyle! You will love your floors!

ColorMax technology offers proprietery color blending that creates beautifully balanced, natural colorations with superior color saturation and enhanced color clarity.

Blended Natural Colorations

ColorMax utilizes a wide variety of fiber types to achieve balanced and blended colorations that competitors can’t match.

Superior Color Saturation

ColorMax’s proprietary blending process combines multiple dyeing processes to achieve deeper, richer saturation and infuse more intense color depth into every fiber.

Enhanced Color Clarity

ColorMax produces yarns with a stunning quality of color that is sharper, clearer and more precise. Improved dye technology allows Mohawk to truly create high- definition color.

Love Your Floors

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You will LOVE your floors! Visit our showroom today!

So you can really show that special someone how much you love them by ensuring their home is as well maintained as possible. Florz Flooring will recommend the best application to suit your needs and style.

And we can show you how much we love YOU by offering 18-months interest free financing! That’s right! 18 Months Interest Free Financing!

This luxurious carpet makes you tired. AND Comfy!

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