Autumn Flooring Sale

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Our Autumn Flooring Sale is ON!

18 Months Interest Free Financing – Autumn Flooring Sale

Floorz Flooring’s Autumn Flooring Sale is going on now! Fall is the season of everything new. A new school year, a new wardrobe and NFL Football is Back! Go EAGLES! And experiencing it during a pandemic is certainly new! But Fall could also be the season for new flooring in your home! There is no better time if you have been wanting to replace the flooring in your home. For many reasons, fall is the most ideal season for flooring installation to take place! And with sale pricing PLUS 18 Months Interest Free Financing, there is no better time to buy than right now! Click The Synchrony image below and Pre-Qualify for your financing! That way you can spend less time in our showroom. By the way, we have taken every precaution to ensure a safe experience in our showroom.

Interest free flooring financing
Click the link to pre-qualify for interest free financing!

Ideal Climate

Many homeowners don’t realize that weather can greatly affect the installation process of many different types of flooring, and is something you should consider when scheduling an installation. Here on the East Coast installing hardwood or any other organic material in the spring or summer can be especially risky.

During the warmer months, natural materials tend to swell, creating issues later on where the material may shrink and become distorted. Additionally, fall is an ideal time to install any flooring using an adhesive so that it sets correctly without heat affecting the process. To summarize, heat and humidity are not ideal to install any type of flooring.

School is in Session – Sort of!

If you have school-aged children, this is a unique year. With many children taking remote classes, there is increased foot traffic in your home. Mud, leaves, rock salt and rain can all harm your old floors. Now is a great time to replace your entry way flooring with durable Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Take advantage of our 18 months interest free financing for the fall season and schedule your home maintenance today!

The Holidays are Near

As the Fall consumes us with pumpkin everything, there’s a break before the winter holidays. Take advantage of this time by replacing or installing flooring before the holidays begin. With brand new hardwood, carpet and luxury vinyl flooring, your home will look amazing! And at Florz Flooring in Logan Township, NJ, we will ensure the highest quality installation and products – now offered with 18 months interest-free financing! WOW!!

Please visit our showroom at 507 Beckett Rd Swedesboro, NJ 08085
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Enjoy the Fall and don’t forget to stop in today to pre-qualify for 18 months interest-free financing!

Thank you!

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