New Flooring And Home Value

New flooring and Home Value
What do New Flooring and Home Value Have in Common? A Lot!

The Results of New Flooring and Home Value.

What is the relationship between New Flooring and Home Value? One directly affects the other. Selling your home involves a whole lot of work and decisions, because you want to make sure that you can get the best price possible for the house! You need to consider what will give you the best value for your money and increase your asking price, and new flooring should definitely be on your list.

Check out your home and take careful note of what flooring is worn, damaged, or stained. If your home, like so many built in the last 50 years, is covered in wall-to-wall carpeting and vinyl sheet flooring, it’s time to ditch the old and upgrade to high-quality flooring that will make buyers eager to put in a bid!

Do You Need New Carpets?

If your carpet looks at all worn or stained, or just dated in terms of colour or style, you’re well-advised to replace it with a new flooring. Buyers are going to take one look at it and know that they are going to have to replace it in the near future- maybe before they move in! Save them the trouble and increase the chance they’ll make an offer by tearing out the carpet and replacing it with something more timeless in design and durable in material.

For a good balance between cost and looks, luxury vinyl tile is a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. With looks similar to harwood, it’s sturdy and good-looking, it will last for years and still cost you less than solid hardwood flooring. If you are looking to sell, it will give you the best look at the best price!

The one place you might consider replacing old carpeting with new is in the bedrooms. It’s still a popular choice in those spaces, where they are less likely to get stained and where they provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort. As well, since bedrooms tend to be on the small side, the cost of quality carpeting for three or four bedrooms can be quite reasonable. Just remember, dingy carpets will not help you sell your home.

Replace Sheet Vinyl with Luxury Vinyl Planks!

Many kitchens and bathrooms still have the sheet vinyl that was so common in the 80’s and 90’s. By now, it will be worn and stained in places, and certainly won’t help you sell your house. However, there’s no reason to abandon the comfort and convenience of vinyl flooring! Make the switch to vinyl planks instead for an instant upgrade to your home’s look! Easy to install and even easier to maintain, you can find these planks in a variety of surface finishes, including ones that look like hardwood or tile. For a fraction of the price of installing a tile floor, you can quickly give your kitchen and bathroom a whole new look and wow the prospective buyers. Consider vinyl planks for a basement family room as well- they install easily over a concrete subfloor and will withstand flooding or moisture much better than carpet or hardwood! Topped with an area rug, you will have a floor that will look attractive and cozy and appeal to buyers.

What can stay?

Not all floor surfaces need to be replaced before putting your home on the market. If you have existing hardwood floors, you are in luck! Even if they’ve been covered for years by carpeting, or have a worn finish, you will be able to make them a real selling point for your home. Spend the money on professional refinishing, and you will not regret it!

Ceramic tiles are another flooring surface that can help sell your home, if they are in good condition. Clean the grout, regrouting if necessary. If the style of the tiles are outdated, however, you may want to change them out. Some luxury vinyl products can be paced right on top of a cleaned and properly-prepared existing tile surface.

There is so much to consider when you are planning to put your home on the market, and to make the fastest and best sale, you can’t go wrong by upgrading the surfaces of your home. New flooring and home value are directly related! Not our thing, but a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Try sticking with neutral colors and paint BEFORE your new floors are installed!

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