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Small Family Run Businesses and the Service They Provide

Choosing a small family-run business like Florz Flooring is awesome in many ways! Here are some of the highlights!

Advantages of Small Family-Run Carpet Businesses

1. Personalized Customer Service

  • Tailored Assistance: Family-run businesses often provide a more personalized service experience, with attentive staff that can offer tailored advice based on individual needs.
  • Long-Term Relationships: They may be more inclined to build long-term relationships with customers, leading to better service over time.

2. Unique Product Selection

  • Exclusive Offerings: At Florz, our family-run business uses in-house installers who are vetted and the best in the industry!
  • Curated Collections: They can curate their inventory to reflect the tastes and demands of the local community.

3. Flexibility and Customization

  • Adaptability: Being smaller, they are often more flexible and can provide custom solutions that bigger stores may not offer.
  • Special Orders: They are more likely to go the extra mile to special order products for their customers.

4. Quality Focus

  • High-Quality Standards: Small family businesses may emphasize quality over quantity, ensuring that the products they sell meet high standards.
  • Expertise: Family members often have a deep knowledge of the carpet industry and can provide insights into the best products for different uses and budgets.
FAmily run carpet business
The Sweeney Family

5. Supporting the Local Economy

  • Local Investment: Money spent at family-run stores typically stays within the community, supporting local growth.
  • Job Creation: They contribute to local employment, often providing jobs to neighborhood residents.

6. Community Involvement

  • Community Connection: Family-run businesses are usually invested in the well-being of their community and may participate in local events and charities.
  • Reputation: Their business reputation is often closely tied to their personal reputation, leading to a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

7. Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Innovation: Family-run businesses are often the result of entrepreneurial spirit, and this creativity can reflect in the way they solve problems and serve customers.

8. Decision-Making Speed

  • Quick Decisions: Smaller businesses can make quick decisions without the lengthy approval processes that can slow down larger corporations.

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