36 Months Interest Free!

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Come in soon for 36 months INTEREST FREE Financing!
It’s time for an upgrade! 36 months Interest Free Financing!

Florz Flooring is offering 36 months Interest-Free Financing on New Flooring and Installation! As Summer comes to a close, our thoughts turn to cooler days. The Kids are back to school. The Holidays are coming. Football is back! If you are considering new flooring for your home or business, please call us today!

Florz Flooring in Swedesboro, New Jersey offers the best flooring for your needs. When you visit our showroom, we will listen to what is important to you. Furthermore, when it come time for quality installation, we use OUR staff! Many other flooring companies sub out their installers. With Florz Flooring, you are guaranteed a quality installation every time! Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgable. We service all of South Jersey, Southeastern PA and Delaware. Please visit the rest of our site by click HERE. Furthermore, a visit to our showroom will help give you some great ideas for your home or business!

Home for the Holidays!

Company is Coming! Whether it’s a get-together for a football game, a Holiday party, or guests from out of town, you want your home to look its best. In addition, there are boots, mud, increased foot traffic and more time spent indoors. You want your home to be a place of pride. With 3 years interest-free financing, it can! That’s THREE YEARS to pay off your new flooring! This will fit into your budget, where you once thought you couldn’t afford it. Come in today to see if you qualify!

Visit us at 507 Beckett Rd Swedesboro, NJ 08085. You may call us at
(856) 467-0079. You may Contact Us Online as well. Please follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. HURRY IN! This offer ends soon!

Thank you!

New Flooring for the Fall!

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Back to School is a great time for new flooring installation!

Fall is a Great Time to Install New Flooring!

Fall is the season of everything new. A new school year, a new wardrobe and NFL Football is Back! Go EAGLES! But Fall could also be the season for new flooring in your home! There is no better time if you have been wanting to replace the flooring in your home. For many reasons, fall is the most ideal season for flooring installation to take place!

Ideal Climate

Many homeowners don’t realize that weather can greatly affect the installation process of many different types of flooring, and is something you should consider when scheduling an installation. Here on the East Coast installing hardwood or any other organic material in the spring or summer can be especially risky.

During the warmer months, natural materials tend to swell, creating issues later on where the material may shrink and become distorted. Additionally, fall is an ideal time to install any flooring using an adhesive so that it sets correctly without heat affecting the process. To summarize, heat and humidity are not ideal to install any type of flooring.

School is in Session

If you have children, you know very well that getting any kind of home maintenance finished with them running around is nearly impossible. Take advantage of the fall season and schedule your home maintenance appointments during back to school time. Now that the kids are out of the house more often with school and extracurricular activities, it is the perfect time to have beautiful flooring installed in your home, without the distractions and moving obstacles!

The Holidays are Near

After the summer holidays are over, there’s a break before the winter holidays. Take advantage of this time by replacing or installing flooring before the holidays begin. With brand new hardwood, carpet and luxury vinyl flooring, your home will look amazing! And at Florz Flooring in Swedesboro, NJ and Delaware County, PA, we will ensure the highest quality installation and products – now offered with 36 months interest-free financing! WOW!!

Please visit our showroom at 507 Beckett Rd Swedesboro, NJ 08085
Or call us at (856) 467-0079. You may Email Florz or visit our Contact Us Page. Please follow us on FaceBook and Twitter!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and don’t forget to stop in today to pre-qualify for 36 months interest-free financing!

Thank you!

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Kids can be kids when you have Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring!

You will LOVE your Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring!

Kids can be kids when your home has waterproof luxury Vinyl flooring! Stop by Florz Flooring today and check out all our styles, options and manufacturers. In addition, we are offering 18 months interest free financing to qualified buyers! Take advantage of this great offers while supplies last!

We hate to mention “Back to School” because nobody wants Summer to end. But it’s just around the corner! Kids are going to come in from school after practice and drop their heavy bags on the floor while tracking dirt, mud and rain across it. You need a floor, which will stand up to that level of activity and moisture.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Durable Luxury Vinyl Flooring from quality manufacturers such as Mohawk and Pergo.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be difficult. Stop in today and let our experts guide you through the process. We will ask all the right questions and assess your needs. We will match the right product within your budget and our expert in-house installers will ensure a professional installation.

Furthermore, with our 18-months interest-free available financing, you can rest assured you won’t have to sacrifice quality to save money.

Visit Florz Flooring’s showroom today. We are located at 507 Beckett Rd
Swedesboro, NJ 08085. You may call us at (856) 467-0079. You may email us at ED.FLORZ@hotmail.com. Or Click Here to Contact Us.

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Pergo Promotion

Pergo Extreme!
18 Months Interest Free Financing with Pergo Promotion!

Florz Flooring in Swedesboro New Jersey is offering a Pergo Promotion! Stop in to our showroom today and take advantage of 18 months interest-free financing! Furthermore, see our new Pergo display. In addition to Pergo flooring, Florz Flooring offers a full line of quality flooring products from all and only the highest quality Manufacturers.

With Pergo Extreme rigid flooring, high performance runs DEEP: Deeper visuals, deeper protection, deeper warranty. Pergo is the #1 preferred brand in flooring.Furthermore, Pergo Extreme offers unmatched durability with authentic designs and a guarantee you expect from a high-performance floor. In addition, with the widest selection of beautiful wood and stone patterns, you get the most authentic looks and deep textures.

Pergo Flooring Promotion, Luxury Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Carpet South Jersey
Beautiful and Durable Pergo Flooring

The superior wear layer offers the best protection against everyday wear and tear, and Pergo Extreme’s Warranty is worry free for life, providing extreme dent resistance, a 100% Kid and Pet Proof Warranty as well as a 100% Waterproof Warranty.

For people who really live on their floors, Pergo Extreme is the worry-free solution that doesn’t make you compromise.

For details, contact Florz Flooring by phone at (856) 467-0079. Also, you can visit our showroom at 507 Beckett Rd Swedesboro, NJ 08085.

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We look forward to seeing you!

Pergo Extreme Flooring is Here!

Pergo Laminate Flooring, Pergo Extreme Flooring
Pergo Extreme Flooring

Pergo Extreme Flooring

With Pergo Extreme rigid flooring, high performance runs DEEP! Deeper visuals, deeper protection, deeper warranty. From the #1 preferred brand in flooring, Pergo Extreme offers unmatched durability with authentic designs. In addition, a guarantee you expect from a high-performance floor.

Above all, Florz Flooring has the widest selection of beautiful wood and stone patterns, so you get the most authentic looks and deep textures. Furthermore, The superior wear layer offers the best protection against everyday wear and tear. Pergo Extreme’s Warranty is worry free for life. Even more, it provides extreme dent resistance, a 100% Kid and Pet Proof Warranty as well as a 100% Waterproof Warranty. For people who really live on their floors, Pergo Extreme is the worry-free solution that doesn’t make you compromise.

Pergo Extreme Flooring
Pergo Extreme – Wood Originals – Noel

Mohawk Flooring & 18 Months Interest Free Financing!

In contrast, how often do you look down at the flooring in your home and think it’s time for a change, always asking…can I afford it? First of all, you can! Enter Mohawk’s Floor Your Imagination Sale! Your dreams of new flooring are delivered in the form of budget-friendly, top-quality Mohawk products. Most noteworthy, these flooring solutions include SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpet, Air.o soft flooring, RevWood and SmartSelect LVT. Floor Your Imagination!

For more information, visit us ONLINE, visit our showroom at 507 Beckett Rd Swedesboro, NJ 08085 or call us at (856) 467-0079. Also, visit us on Facebook or Twitter and please give us a “like”!

Pergo Extreme Rigid Vinyl Flooring

Tough Meets Tasteful

Dent proof, stain proof and beautiful. Pergo Extreme flooring comes in an extensive collection of authentic wood and stone looks—all of them impressively durable.

Durable and dent-resistant. Kid and pet proof. Practically indestructible.

High Performance Runs Deep

Pergo Extreme - Deeper Visuals
Still, we don’t recommend trying this at home!

Deeper Visuals

Authentic wood and stone looks with deep textures

Pergo Extreme - Deeper Protection
Don’t panic – Pergo Extreme can handle it!

Deeper Protection

Extremely durable, dent-resistant

Pergo Extreme - Deeper Warranty
Tap Shoes Friendly

Deeper Warranty

100% waterproof, kid & pet proof warranty that’s worry-free for life

Easy to Maintain

  • Remove dirt and dust. Use a dust mop or vacuum with a hard floor attachment to remove dirt and dust from your Pergo floor. Use a vacuum or vacuum attachment with soft bristle brush regularly to remove any particles that could scratch the floor. For a deeper cleaning, use a damp cotton cloth or cloth mop.
  • Use a damp mop to gently clean your Pergo. You can make a Pergo-recommended household cleaner with 1 cup household vinegar to 1 gallon warm water or 1/3 cup ammonia mixed with 1 gallon warm water. This cleaner will cleanse gently, removing dirt but keeping your floor beautiful.

Summer Flooring Sale

Pet Friendly Carpeting
Part of Mohawk’s “Floor Your Imagination” promotion

Florz Flooring in Swedesboro, New Jersey is offering a Summer Flooring Sale! And when it comes to a carpet that truly has it all, look no further than SmartStrand. In addition, where traditional carpets fall short, the innovative fibers in SmartStrand Forever Clean offer unbeatable spill protection. Furthermore you get the ultimate in pet protection, permanent stain resistance and long-lasting durability. Truly a worry-free solution, SmartStrand Forever Clean is the perfect flooring for busy households.

Now you can have the greatest quality carpet in your home and take advantage of 18 months interest-free financing! And should you choose not to take advantage of this financing offer, you can enjoy big discounts on select Mohawk Flooring! So stop in today and take advantage of this awesome Summer Flooring Sale!

Summer Flooring Sale.
All Pet Protection from Mohawk!

Mudrooms protect the rest of your home’s floors!

Luxury Vinyl will hold up to muddy shoes, boots and paws!

The entryway to your home is where your carpeting can suffer the most damage. Muddy shoes, pets and rain water can all harm your floors. Alternatively, Luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, durable and beautiful.

If you have a mudroom, we strongly suggest having beautiful luxury vinyl, which is easy to maintain. Still, you may not have a mudroom. In that case, Florz Flooring can create a landing area by your main entrance, which will protect the rest of your house from excessive wear.

Whatever your needs, Florz Flooring has your flooring solution. Please visit us today and take advantage of our Summer Sale!

Visit us on FaceBook or Twitter. Contact Us Today!

New Flooring Prep

Prepare your Home for New Flooring

Florz Flooring in Swedesboro, NJ is a proud Mannington Supplier. Mannington Mills are located in Salem New Jersey – just down the road a bit. We are proud to support LOCAL and AMERICAN Manufacturers! Here are a few great tips from Mannington. What to expect and how to prepare for new flooring!

Is your home in need of new flooring? As with any home improvement project, the fear of the unknown is inevitable. To help relieve some of that worry, here is a guide of what you can expect when you have new flooring professionally installed in your home.

Prepare the room. 

First, check to see if preparing the room is included in your installation quote. If it’s not, prior to the installer’s arrival, it’s important to remove any personal items in the space to be re-floored. This includes furniture, clothing, toys, and breakable items. Disconnect any electronics that could get in the way of install, including light fixtures, televisions, and computers. It’s also important to ensure your home is an optimal temperature. Flooring is best installed when your home’s internal temperature is between 65-and 85-degrees Fahrenheit.

Look out for dust. 

During install, you can expect to see a bit of dust and debris. This is typical when removing your existing floor and installing the new one. Installers will do their best to keep dust at a minimum, but it’s not completely avoidable. Pro tip: cover your doorways so the dust doesn’t enter other rooms in your house.

Know that unseen issues could pop up. 

Issues like loose-subflooring, rot, insect damage, or mold, can be discovered once your old flooring is removed. Many of these issues are almost impossible to detect until your existing floor is taken out, but they’re not uncommon. If any of these issues present themselves during your install process, be aware that an additional cost may be added to your final bill, depending on the extent of the damage.

There will be excess materials. 

When ordering your new floors, a waste factor of 5-15% is added to your order, depending on the product. The additional percentage helps to cover that possibility and ensure there’s enough material to complete your install. It is also recommended that you keep any extra material for possible repairs in the future.

Flooring may appear slightly different. 

When you’re shopping for flooring, you’re shopping from a sample size. Once the floor is installed in your home, both natural and artificial lighting can affect the way the flooring appears. It may vary slightly in the shade or texture you remember from the sample, so it’s important to make your selection carefully. To help ensure your new floors appear as you thought they would, place the sample under the various types of light that present themselves in your home.

Finish the room. 

Damage to the floor often occurs when appliances, furniture and fixtures are moved back into place. Whoever is responsible for finishing the room should use proper flooring protection to complete the job like thin sheets of Masonite for moving appliances and felt/furniture pads for furniture legs and support bases.

Ease your mind! Know what to expect so that you can prepare for your next flooring installation. For more information, Contact US at (856)467-0079.
For the latest product news and specials, please visit “Layin’ it Down” – our Blog Page.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile
Luxury Vinyl Tile from Mohawk

Flooring Choices for Your Home

Today’s luxury vinyl features some of the most innovative, versatile, and high-performing flooring available. Premium vinyl flooring offers the richness and texture of more expensive natural materials, such as hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone, without maxing out your budget. Offered in tile, plank, and sheet formats, vinyl flooring boasts realistic visuals, easy installation, and a high level of comfort.

Luxury vinyl is strong but soft underfoot, maintaining a comfortable temperature in all seasons. Vinyl tile and plank flooring resists heat and sunlight, maintaining its shape and stability even at temperature extremes. It is waterproof, which makes it perfect for kitchens or other high-traffic areas such as a living room or den. Vinyl tile, plank, and sheet vinyl offers a durable, protective top layers that resist scratches, dents, and stains from family pets. It’s exceptionally easy to clean, and more protected against drops and spills─perfect for your family’s busy lifestyle.

Choosing the Best Flooring for You

Many folks are choosing solid surface flooring for their main floors of the homes. This makes sense because they are high traffic areas, which can be prematurely damaging to Carpeting. Florz Flooring offers many flooring choices. Stop by our showroom at 507 Beckett Road in Swedesboro, NJ 08085 and let our expert staff help you make the best choices for your home. You can also call us at (856) 467-0079 to set up an appointment.

Folks still love carpeting, though, especially in the bedrooms. A trend we are seeing is solid surfaces such as vinyl on the main floors and high traffic areas and carpeting in the bedrooms. And make sure you choose carpeting with stain and pet protection!

Whichever surface you choose, Make sure you choose Florz Flooring for your sales and installation!

Thank you!

Interest-Free Financing

Interest Free Flooring
Gorgeous Select Mohawk Flooring!
Only Two Weeks Left for 36 Months Interest Free Financing!

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this incredible offer! This is an awesome opportunity to pay off your investment in your home at an affordable rate and great term of three years!

Stop into our showroom and let our experts advise you on the best flooring for your home or office. You only need to sign up and be approved by March 23rd to take advantage of this offer. We can install your flooring after once approved!

Synchrony Financing

We offer Synchrony Home to our Clients for financing. Have you ever used Synchrony before for anything else? Folks use them for interest free financing on Furniture, Appliances, Automotive Repair, Home Improvement and so much more. If you have used Synchrony before, the process will be even simpler to sign up!

Interest Free Financing by Synchrony Home
Contact Us for More Information

Please stop in our showroom at 507 Beckett Road Swedesboro, NJ 0808 or call us at (856) 467-0079. For more detailed information, you may contact us HERE.

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