Waterproof Flooring

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Hardwax oil or UV lacquer
Natural oak or ash wood covering 
Wood-based powder layer
Wood-based powder layer
Wood veneer backing layer
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Real Wood…Really Waterproof Flooring!

Real Wood but Stronger makes for beautiful Waterproof Flooring! The Woodura® surface technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood onto a wood fiber core through a powder mix layer. The result is a real wood surface, but stronger. As the powder mix perfectly fills up the natural openings of the wood, it reinforces the strength, enhances the wood appearance and eliminates the need for putty operations.

Cured Wood flooring

Cured Wood flooring featuring Woodura surface technology is a high-tech product that can be used in areas subject to intense wear, for example kitchens, hallways and other commercial areas. Moreover, the floors are so tough that there is no need for sanding.

The Woodura surface is fused on to a high-end HDF board with low swelling. The wood is subsequently brushed and oiled to maintain the natural touch and appearance of wood. Further effects can be added trough staining.

Product build-up

  1. Hardwax oil or UV lacquer
  2. Natural oak or ash wood covering 
  3. Wood-based powder layer
  4. Compositek™
  5. Wood-based powder layer
  6. Wood veneer backing layer 
Waterproof Flooring, Flooring South Jersey, flooring
The Layers of Woodura Waterproof Flooring

Features & benefits

  • Reinforced wood surface
  • Resistant to dents and wear marks
  • Sustainable alternative to traditional wood

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